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Petro Polyester Co. was established aiming at bringing about change to and innovation in Iran's spinning industry, with determination to materialise the motto of "Iranian production. Iranian pride". Quality , diversity and accountability are the major policies adopted by the company.

Satisfying customer demands is the main goal pursued by the complex. With the use of Swiss-made SSM machinery and full fledged supporting facilities, the factory has endeavoured to produce a variety of quality products to please our customers. Due to a wide ranging assortment, Petro Polyester Co. supplies both domestic and regional industries. There is a broad spectrum of polyester thread , produced via air texturing, 300 to 4000 DENIER dyed thread count, dope dyed melange, etc.

The founders of Petro Polyester Co. have pooled experiences of three generations of management in textile industry, with state-of-the-art knowledge and the technology for producing desired quality products, now determined to modernly revolutionise that industry nationwide. Building on its capabilities, the company will make every effort towards products at world topmost standard levels, for domestic and international markets. Focusing on enhancing both theoretical and practical skills of the textile industry statewide , is our top goal.


Products and Services

The threads produced by the company are used in variety of applications:

 - Fabric weaving industries ( Worsted, Tricot, curtain, armchair, office chair cover, car seat cover)

 - Carpet industry ( carpet pile, warp and weft)

 - Other industries ( travel blanket )


Mission Statement

Petro Polyester Co. produces a variety of thread for use in fabric and carpet weaving and other related industries. We enjoy trend-setting and do our best to enhance our know-how, in order to protect stakeholders' interests, offer products, competitive at national and regional leves, and to achieve a significant share in the target markets.




Vision Statement

We work hard to :

- produce world standard products

- enhance our competition potentials

- possess a remarkable share in target markets

- be the market leader and model company nationwide